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Reducing Allergens in your Scottsdale Home

Reducing Allergens in your Scottsdale Home

As we begin our recovery from another allergy season in Scottsdale, this is the stage of the year when we tell ourselves, “It better not be this bad again next year.” Take some action to help keep this promise with Pella between-the-glass blinds or shades that can help with allergen reduction in your Scottsdale home.

Allergies not only touch a lot of people across the world (one in five people in the U.S., according to WebMD), but they also are quite expensive to deal with. The U.S. health care system devotes about $7.9 billion annually on allergy costs and we lose about 4 million workdays each year to allergies. Staying inside doesn’t always block allergies either, and in most cases hanging around indoors can actually deteriorate allergies due to pets, smoke or other contaminants in the Scottsdale air. Reducing allergens in your home can cater to you with the sense of ease and a healthier colder season.

Typical roomside blinds assemble and disclose the interior of your home to airborne allergens while Designer Series® windows from Pella are between-the-glass, helping to cut down allergens accumulating inside your home.

To hear more about Pella replacement window work or Designer Series® blinds, give the professionals in Scottsdale a call at 480-296-2022 to arrange an in-home consultation or to address any of your questions. Find smart ways to decrease your home’s allergens and insert these blinds or shades to your windows!

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